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Web Design

Is the whole “web/internet/computer thing” foreign to you? Have you been avoiding your website like the plague because you have no idea where to start? Let me help. The design process is simple for you and the result is exactly what you need! I offer turn-key website solutions for small businesses. You may have an outdated website, an overpriced website, a generic template website from one of those free online gigs, or you may not have one at all – whatever your situation, I would like to offer you an affordable solution! I only design basic small business sites. Contact me if you’d like to know my costs which start at $600 depending on the plan you choose.

A few examples of my designs:

Professionally Designed Websites

I create custom designed websites providing you with a unique online presence that will serve your customers by providing them with information about your products, how to obtain support, where or how to contact you, plus much more. I have two ways to get started; first, if you don’t have a website you can browse the web to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. Once you find a design I will create something with similar style and layout with your company colors, logos, pictures, and content. My second option is to redesign your existing website to make it easier to update (see Content Management below) and be more user friendly. Either way, you are in control and I will work with you to make your website a great online representation of your business.

Content Management

My administrative interface is very intuitive and easy for anyone to use. In fact, if you have ever used Microsoft Word then you will have no problem using the interface – they look almost identical! With my interface you can update the content on your website anytime, day or night, by simply typing or cutting & pasting your new content in the editor box and clicking update. It’s that simple! I also offer support if you prefer someone else updates your website for you.

Responsive Websites

“Smartphone use is gathering steam in the U.S. as 40% percent of American adults now use their cell phones to surf the Web, e-mail, or use instant messaging”, according to a study from Pew Research Center in Washington. As more and more people turn to mobile devices to access the web, is your business prepared to provide them a positive web experience? Not sure, try accessing your website from a few different smart phones ans asking yourself if the website was easy to see? …easy to navigate? …was your contact information readily available? ….if you answered no to any of these questions you need to seriously consider offering a responsive design to help support your mobile based customers and grow your business online!

Website Hosting

With one of my plans, I provide complete turnkey website & email hosting with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mySQL databases, unlimited email accounts, and support for almost any open source software as part of our support plan. Hosting is required for your website to be seen online.

Domain Branded Email Accounts

Email is a powerful tool that can help, or hurt, your business. Small businesses that use email addresses at public sites like yahoo, hotmail, AOL, gmail, and others do not convey a sense of trust, security, and longevity when compared to businesses that use email addresses based on their domain name. For example, if you use an email address of compared to an email address of – one of them appears more legitimate than the other. With one of my plans, my solution offers up to 10 domain branded email addresses specific to your business..